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Erik T. Hirschmann, Ph.D., Author, Professor

Erik T. Hirschmann is the author of the debut historical novel Voyage of the Eclipse (Epicenter Press), published on March 14, 2023. He holds a Ph.D. in American history from the University of New Mexico, and is Professor of History at Matanuska-Susitna College, University of Alaska Anchorage. Dr. Hirschmann is available as a volunteer public speaker in south-central Alaska for schools, museums, clubs, historical and literary societies, among other organizations.
Author Interview/Podcast
Original Live Broadcast July 10, 2023, 89.7 FM (Palmer-Wasilla).

"A good adventure following the 'Hero's Journey' outline should include a hero, a quest, an unfamiliar environment, a villain, a risk and a transformation. Erik T. Hirschmann has mastered them all in his engrossing work of historical fiction....'Voyage' reads like a movie with fast action on every page." --The Northern Light
"The well acquainted with the conditions of the time, and his text is rich with wonderful period details...Hirschmann succeeds in communicating the harshness of the era through the youth of the sailors, their distance from home, the general lawlessness of the time, and the ruthless exploitation of local populations. Stopovers in remote places like the Juan Fernandez Islands drive home the far-flung geography of the Age of Sail."-- Kirkus Reviews

Finalist, Historical Fiction, 17th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards, 2023.

MEDIA ARTICLE, April 13, 2023

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Calm Sea

Voyage of the Eclipse
Publication Date: March 14, 2023
Epicenter Press
Genre: Historical Fiction, Action Adventure
ISBN-10: 1684920515
ISBN-13: 978-1684920518
Format: Paperback, eBook
Price: Paperback, $16.95, eBook, $5.99
To purchase a copy, ask for it at your local bookstore, or visit,, or other online booksellers. See sales links below.
Booksellers can order direct from Epicenter Press at or through wholesalers such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor. Also see


Novel Excerpt, from Drake Passage off Cape Horn, South America, January 1802

Dermot O'Leary knew the Southern Ocean offered no forgiveness...Gale-force westerlies screamed like haunted souls through the rigging above him, while a few miles to the east giant waves smashed into barren Deceit Island with savage fury. Battling her way west Eclipse faced oncoming sets of thirty-foot waves and troughs...each a portal into a frigid hell that voraciously consumed men's courage.

Raven Crow


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